Growing stronger by stretching yourself

Another great statement from Scott Guthrie

Developers (good and bad) can grow stronger by stretching themselves and learning new ideas and approaches. Even if they ultimately don’t use something new directly, the act of learning it can sharpen them in positive ways.

Change is constant in the technology industry. Change can be scary. Whether you get overwhelmed by change, though, ultimately comes down to whether you let yourself be overwhelmed. Don’t stress about having to stop and suddenly learn a bunch of new things – rarely do you have to.

The best approach to avoid being overwhelmed is to be pragmatic, stay reasonably informed about a broad set of things at a high-level (not just technologies and tools but also methodologies), and have the confidence to know that if it is important to learn a new technology, then your existing development skills will mostly transition and help. Syntax and APIs are rarely the most important thing anyway when it comes to development – problem solving, customer empathy/engagement, and the ability to stay focused and disciplined on a project are much more valuable.

The Least I Can Do: Designing Applications People Can Actually Use

dont-make-me-think If you design applications that anyone in the world, other then yourself, will use then you really need to be thinking about usability during the entire development process.Some of you (hopefully) have heard of Steve Krug, the author of Don’t Make Me Think.

This is a great video of a talk Steve gave at Joel Spolsky’s Business of Software conference which covers The Least We Can Do to create usuable software.